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Leap76 offers leadership and performance coaching like no other. We transform competitors into champions, colleagues into high-performing teams, learners into leaders and dreamers into achievers.



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Leap76 is the new stadium sponsor for Chester FC! 

“Leap76 understands our vision and values and perfectly align with them” – Chester FC General Manager, Georgina Slawinski

Performance Mindset Coaching

Talent and know-how will get you far, but our performance mindset coaching takes you to new found heights.

Business Excellence Coaching

A unique and proven approach to workplace coaching that transforms businesses and is proven to provide a 300% ROI.

Leadership & Growth Academy

Gain the skills, confidence and knowledge to become an incredible leader by taking part in 8 thought-provoking workshops.

“To transform a business, you don’t start with processes and policies, you start with the people who work there.”

Chris Larsen, Managing Director

1000s of leaders world-wide have completed the Leap Leadership and Growth Academy and engaged in Business Excellence Coaching including

Why be good, when you can be extraordinary?

Get in touch with Leap76 today, to see how we can uncover and activate your extraordinary.

Join the Leap76 Growth Academy

Gain the mindset and exact skills you need to become an extraordinary leader. You can expect highly knowledgeable course leaders and fun, interactive and memorable workshop sessions. What’s more, it’s accredited by the Institute of Leadership!

Course content

Join four modules including two interactive workshop days per each module.

The four modules follow the SEED leadership and growth model:


  • Design the Future – become self-aware, realise your goals and the influence you have as a leader
  • Learn to See – apply different lenses to better understand different perspectives and ways of thinking
  • Environment for Success – we get the team we deserve and create a stable, optimised and growth environment for success
  • Conquer Challenges – create a culture, equipped with the right tools to problem solve with resilience and agility

Price per module
£995 + VAT

Price for full programme
£3,500 + VAT

Leadership accreditation

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership (ILM accredited).

Gain 2-year membership into the Institute of Leadership if you’d like to continue development to fellowship.

Extraordinary engagement

  • 5% slides and 95% interactive activities
  • Audience-led so you gain the expertise you need
  • Learn and network with course peers
  • Located in a fantastic workshop space at Chester Business Park
  • Courses start throughout the year

Meet our Leap76 leaders

Chris Larsen founded Leap76 in 2017, today he is the Managing Director and Rich Brown is Director. Chris, Rich and their team believe in bringing energy, expertise and an extraordinary experience.

“Our mission is to inspire everyone we work with to aim high and then provide them with the rocket fuel to get there.


Our collective experience working with businesses, high achievers and world champions has taught us one thing – it’s the mindset of individuals that determines success, whether it’s their own or for everyone sharing their ship.


Our passion is people and what makes them tick is our expertise. We want to help as many people as possible create a better future, one individual at a time.”

Latest news

Ladies that leap

Ladies that leap

On Tuesday 1st August 2023, we hosted our first official female networking event. After finding out that most of our course members were predominantly men – 68% in fact – we decided to carry out some research into gender equality issues in the workplace which is how...

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Leap76 work with Runtech to accelerate performance

Leap76 work with Runtech to accelerate performance

We're very excited to share that the leading industry providers for vehicle rental, haulage and transport, Runtech Limited, are partnering with Leap76 to accelerate performance. Runtech's vision is to be recognised both nationally and globally for the excellence of...

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Leap76 becomes Chester FC’s new stadium sponsor

Leap76 becomes Chester FC’s new stadium sponsor

We have some exciting news – we’re thrilled to be Chester FC’s new stadium sponsor! Chester FC was founded in 2010, and as part of the rebirth of Chester City. Our founder, Chris Larsen, has always been keen to give back to his hometown, Blacon, in Chester. Since...

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“A giant leap of faith in us, a huge leap forwards towards your goals and a brave leap into the unknown, because working with us will be like nothing you’ve ever done before.”

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Phone: +44 7796 468944

The Leap76 Academy takes place at: Leap76, Unit 2B, Honeycomb South, Chester Business Park, CH4 9QJ