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Female leadership courses

On Tuesday 1st August 2023, we hosted our first official female networking event.

After finding out that most of our course members were predominantly men – 68% in fact – we decided to carry out some research into gender equality issues in the workplace which is how we came to the idea of hosting a networking event.

The results that followed this were staggering, and we decided Leap76 should try to make a change – even if it’s just within our community. We wanted to celebrate successful women in life, in business and in leadership while helping people to create better futures.

Our Founder, Chris Larsen, delivered several statistics about inequality between men and women in the workplace and we wanted to do our bit to help. So, we offered 30% off our leadership course to all female attendees to help overcome any financial barriers. The aim of this was to attract more women into the course to earn a recognised qualification in leadership and obtain more, well deserved, senior positions.

We asked the fabulous Katie Webster and Sarah Restrick, to speak about their stories of being strong, successful entrepreneurial women. Our Head of Wellness, Emma Jay, also spoke to room about the ups and downs of being a successful woman.

The room was filled to the brim with inspiring individuals promoting positivity in leadership, business and life. All the attendees enjoyed themed cocktails, massages, spiritual cards and vintage jewellery. This was done whilst networking, discussing leadership, business strategies and celebrating the women and men in our lives who provide crucial support. 

Many people told us that they left the event feeling inspired with a deeper focus on their personal goals and their eyes opened to the limitless potential for the future of females excelling in the workspace. 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the night what it was, you’re all incredible! As a team, we were completely overwhelmed with the incredible feedback we received after the event, showing us that there was definitely a message here that we should continue to shout about so we’re already working on our next event!

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