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At Leap76, we’re always exploring innovative ways to support businesses and the community. Our diverse range of side services is designed to offer unique opportunities for growth, networking, and productivity. Discover how we can help you elevate your business with our cutting-edge initiatives.

Our Initiatives
Leap City Walls

Leap City Walls is our innovative advertising initiative that leverages the walls of our office to promote your business. Here’s how it works:

QR code plaques:

We hang QR code plaques on our office walls, each linked to a short video about your business.

Video exposure:

Delegates and visitors are encouraged to scan the QR codes, watch the videos during their breaks, and get in touch with the businesses that interest them.

With over 5,000 decision-makers and businesses walking through our doors each year, and spending up to eight days with us, the exposure is unparalleled.

We’ve generated over £5 million worth of business under our roof,
and for just £1500 per year, you can gain exposure with our influential audience.

Hire the Space

Step into a world of productivity and use our versatile office space, available for hire every Wednesday, Thursday morning, and Friday.

Nestled in the heart of innovation, our fully equipped facility offers everything you need for a dynamic work environment. This includes:


Tables and chairs for up to 22 people, perfect for team collaboration.

Recreational amenities:

A coffee machine, ping pong table, snooker table, darts, and escape rooms are all available for use to challenge your team’s problem-solving skills.

Additional conveniences:

A modern kitchen and a podcast room to support your various needs.

Catering options:

Available upon request to ensure your event runs smoothly.

For £50 per hour, you can elevate your work experience or networking event.

Book now by emailing lucy@leap76.com

For £50 per hour, you can elevate your work experience or networking event.

Book now by emailing lauren@leap76.com

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Keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Leap into Good Times’ podcast!

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