Runtech Leap76 Growth Academy

We’re very excited to share that the leading industry providers for vehicle rental, haulage and transport, Runtech Limited, are partnering with Leap76 to accelerate performance.

Runtech’s vision is to be recognised both nationally and globally for the excellence of their people, innovation, and performance standards. The first step was to have the team attend the ‘Leap76 Growth Academy’, where they proved to be receptive delegates to the learning outcomes and have since applied their learnings to their roles.

We have been working closely with them since July, delivering our ‘SEED’ model and helping to implement improvements across all sectors of the business. 

Over the next few months, Runtech, will be sharing how their learnings have had a significant impact on their social media.

For more information about our coaching programmes, please feel free to email or call +44 776 468944.