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Welcome to a transformational journey tailored for businesses like yours at the Leap76 Growth Academy. Our Leadership Programme is designed to empower individuals at all levels within an organisation, fostering personal and professional growth that translates directly to improved personal and business performance.

Spread over four intensive modules across eight dynamic days, our programme is a game-changer.

Accredited by the prestigious Institute of Leadership, it stands at the pinnacle of leadership development in the UK.

What sets us apart?
We’re not your ordinary training programme.

Our activity-based approach ensures every session is engaging, immersive, and impactful. Unlike rigid curricula, our sessions are audience-led, adapting to the unique needs and dynamics of each cohort. Expect surprises, breakthroughs, and ‘aha’ moments!

With world-class coaches leading the way in an environment expertly crafted for inspiration, Leap76 promises an extraordinary experience for every participant.

Are you ready to lead with confidence, purpose, and excellence?

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"If you want to know whether Leap76 are the best in their field, just know that what they've implemented here is now group standard."

Gemma Partlow

QHSE Manager, Outokumpu

"The power of Leap76 is that they become part of the solution, it's doing, not telling."

John Doyle

Director, Balfour Batty

"I can't believe the change I've seen in some of the people that I never thought could change."

Dan Evans

Operations Manager, Runtech

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