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Seeking to unlock your full potential and cultivate mental resilience?

Welcome to a life-changing journey designed for individuals eager to enhance their personal and professional lives at the Leap76 Growth Academy. Our programme isn’t just about business—it’s about transforming the way you approach challenges and opportunities in every aspect of life.

Spread over four transformative parts across eight enriching days, our programme is your pathway to greater mental strength and clarity.

Accredited by the esteemed Institute of Leadership, which is a testament to our commitment to excellence in personal development.

What makes us different?
We’re not your typical training programme.

With a activity-based approach, each session is a dynamic exploration of self-discovery and growth. Our programme is audience-led, meaning it adapts to the unique journeys and needs of every participant. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and empowered like never before!

Guided by world-class coaches and surrounded by an environment designed for growth, Leap76 offers an unparalleled experience.

Whether you’re navigating career transitions, personal goals, or seeking to boost your mental fitness, this programme is your catalyst for extraordinary living.

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What our
clients think

"Name me a leadership course or even one training experience where you can honestly say “I feel like a different person” or “I feel like a new woman!”. After attending module two of my ILM Leadership and Mindset qualification journey with the amazing Leap76, I drove into work the following morning, feeling POWERFUL and I was ENERGISED! I BELIEVED in who I was and wanted to tell anyone I met about the unbelievable two days I had just experienced. So name me a training course that changes your life, like it has mine!"

"Sometimes you really don't know what you can achieve until you just go for it! Yesterday I graduated (a first for me!) from the Leap76 Leadership and Growth Academy with a ILM accredited leadership qualification! I am absolutely buzzing! I cannot believe the growth in not only me, but the whole team of amazing people I have met on this programme and I am bursting with pride for each and every one of us."

"Sobbing like a baby in front of 24 strangers... not what I was expecting to happen on a leadership and mindset course! But this week I learnt about the power of vulnerability as a leader, something I’ve struggled with in work but also personally up to now. I also learnt that sometimes you need to take some bricks away to find out where you need to put the next ones."

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